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May 13, 2022

Contact: Lynna Kaucheck,

Campaign for a Safer Michigan is Working to Prevent Gun Violence in Michigan

New Campaign brings together a diverse set of groups committed to making a safer state

MICHIGAN – Today, groups from across the state are announcing the launch of the Campaign for a Safer Michigan, an unprecedented and diverse collective of groups dedicated to taking a holistic approach to preventing gun violence, saving lives, and making Michigan safer.

“We’ve made a serious and intentional effort to make sure this campaign includes Michiganders with knowledge about firearms and ways to prevent gun violence,” said Myaia Holmes, gun violence prevention campaign manager with Progress Michigan. “We have spent the last year building this campaign from the roots up. For the first time organizations that work with victims of domestic and sexual violence, suicide prevention, healthcare providers, gun clubs, faith-based groups, community violence intervention/prevention programs and social justice groups are coming together and finding common ground to advance holistic policies to save lives in Michigan.”

Michigan has a gun violence problem. In nearly every statistical category of gun violence, Michigan ranks above the national average, and Michiganders are fed up. Partisan politics has prevented us from implementing policies that would prevent gun violence in Michigan for too long, people across Michigan are ready for a change, and the Campaign for a Safer Michigan is working to build safer communities through policy, education, and advocacy while addressing the underlying causes of violence.

“We are excited to participate in this groundbreaking campaign,” continued Holmes.“All Michiganders deserve to live in healthy communities without the fear of violence and we all deserve access to quality, affordable health care services so our communities can have the resources they need to tackle their unique problems. We’re working with our partners in the Campaign for a Safer Michigan to prioritize these needs and save lives.”

The Campaign for A Safer Michigan is the platform through which stakeholders can ensure the issue of gun violence prevention is being seen through their lens. The Campaign is aimed at developing policy solutions that address root causes of gun violence and has identified three priority issue areas where they will focus their efforts to reduce gun violence in Michigan including: safe gun ownership and public education around firearm safety, access to and funding for public health, and funding for community violence intervention/prevention programs. 

“Change comes when we can see past our differences, and remember the core values that connect us,” said Duane Breijak, executive director of the National Association of Social Workers-Michigan Chapter. “We know that gun violence is one of the nation’s most pervasive public health issues, affecting every segment of our society. Whether you’re a social worker in a public school, faith leader, elected official, or a member of gun club, we all agree that we want to live in safe, healthy communities. The Campaign for a Safer Michigan is setting a table where we can have tough discussions, create coalitions, and develop smart strategies that will actually save lives. There is room at the table, join us.”

Partners in the Campaign for a Safer Michigan include: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention-Michigan, Engage Michigan, FORCE Detroit, Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence, National Association of Social Workers-Michigan Chapter, Progress Michigan and Safe & Just Michigan. 

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