Our Policy Priorities

The Campaign for a Safer Michigan has identified priority issue areas to reduce gun violence in Michigan:

  • Safe Storage

    • Promote safe gun ownership and public education around firearm safety

  • Public Health

    • Create a state Office of Neighborhood Safety within the Division of Victim Services so that this is not a one-time-effort, but an issue that is consistently prioritized

      • Create a Community Safety Advisory Council

      • Seek out funding for and support local community violence prevention collaboratives

      • Provide guidance for officials in counties with high rates of gun violence that includes community violence intervention (CVI) strategies, funding to implement CVI programs and diversionary programs in partnership with prosecutors and policing agencies

      • Increase funding for victims of domestic and sexual violence

        • Culturally specific services that are created by and for specific cultural communities with an emphasis on the voices and experiences of survivors of violence.

      • Reduce suicide from firearms by:

        • Providing support for safe storage of firearms that do not infringe on gun owner rights

        • Providing additional support for firearm safety and education

        • Incentivizing gun dealers and range owners to get suicide prevention training for staff

    • Advocate for the creation of a state Office of Neighborhood Safety prioritized

    • Advocate for the creation of a Community Safety CouncilĀ 

  • Community Violence Prevention

    • Create infrastructure and increase funding for community violence intervention/prevention programs

      • Provide adequate funding and on-going training for staff

      • Lead by FORCE in Detroit

    • Create infrastructure in gun violence hotspots to develop neighborhood-based community violence intervention strategies to address gun violence hot spots

    • Advocate for the creation of infrastructure and increase funding for programs

    • Advocate in gun violence hotspots

Questions? Want to get involved? Email: lynna@progressmichigan.org