It's time to prevent gun violence in Michigan.

In nearly every statistical category of gun violence, Michigan ranks above the national average, highlighting the need for action — and the opportunity for life saving progress on a growing crisis of preventable gun violence, injury, and death.

What We Do

The Campaign for a Safer Michigan is the platform through which stakeholders are able to bring their unique expertise to the issue of gun violence prevention and can ensure the issue is being seen through their lens. We are building power to advance policy solutions to prevent gun violence in Michigan.

Who We Are

The Campaign for a Safer Michigan is a diverse collection of affected communities, faith-based organizations,  gun owners, healthcare providers, and suicide and domestic violence prevention organizations who believe that gun violence is a public health crisis in Michigan and throughout the country. We believe in taking a holistic approach to preventing gun violence, protecting lives and making Michigan safer.

Why We Do It

The need to reduce gun violence and keep everyone safe in Michigan has been a key issue in Michigan for decades, but we can only reach our goal through meaningful, intentional legislation alongside cultural changes. We work to address issues at the heart of safety and gun violence prevention in a way that sets the groundwork for community stakeholders and legislators alike to make sound decisions around the issues that matter most.

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